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    New varieties, pledge for the future

Why our seeds are the best?

High yield

Users of our seeds have reported extremely high yields

Suitable for all areas

Our seeds are suited for all types of land

Resistant to winterkill

Our seeds very well tolerate winter conditions and do not freeze with prolonged exposure to low temperatures

Tolerance to diseases

Excellent tolerance to disease, has a resistance to fusarium, leaf rust, powdery mildew…


Satisfied customers

“Nine tons is my average yield from seed Euclide!”

Franjo Rihter
Franjo RihterSubotica

“Among many seeds that I have tried, seeds Cosun Seed provide are far the best ones.”

Vladislav Tordaj
Vladislav TordajKulpin

“Classes are filled with the whole kit, there is no short-grain, all grains are great.”

Milan Popovicki
Milan PopovickiKulpin

“This seeds are growing very very fast.”

Radovan Burić
Radovan BurićBijeljina
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